The Similarity of Iphone 5, Iphone 6 Case Design

iPhone cases are a dime a dozen. Check any online marketplace, electronics store or kiosk at your local mall and you’ll be met with hundreds of options, all based on no more than a couple dozen designs. Options aside, originality is typically lacking.

ONE IMPORTANT THING you should know about the iPhone  Apple’s new budget-minded smartphone, is that it doesn’t just look like the iPhone. It’s dimensionally identical to the iPhone 5s, which means your dusty old iPhone case will fit it perfectly. That’s good news for packrats. But the real winners? The companies making the cases.

It’s not easy, sometimes, being an accessory maker in Apple’s ecosystem. There’s the voluminous copycat competition, including from Apple itself. There’s the sleepless nights over whether you’re using just the right polyurethane blend. And then there’s the uncertainty of whether next year’s iPhone will look anything like this year’s, whether you can keep selling the cases you have or will need to crank out a new batch.

There’s good and bad to a new Nike Phone case iPhone 6 design for those in the business of protecting our handsets from our drunken drops and toddler bobbles. Companies have to scramble to design their new cases and get them on shelves, with the obvious benefit that people’s old cases no longer fit, meaning they have to buy new ones.

“Speck’s form-fit case designs require a complex production process and increased investment upfront to accommodate a new design,” says Speck Products VP of Design Bryan Hynecek, “but in turn we typically see higher demand when a new form factor is introduced.”Unsold cases that only fit phones that Apple has left behind. Some of these will still sell thanks to the aftermarket, but for the most part, it’s a pile of snugly fitting, protective junk.

People might been debating whether or not to get a case. Most of their friends have cases on their phones, but a few people are also telling them not to get one because it “ruins the phone”. This is one of those arguments that will probably continue as long as smartphones are in existence. A lot of it is personal preference to Nike iphone 6 case amazon, something that you’ll realize after you use the phone for awhile both with and without a case. However, there are a few indisputable pros and cons for each side—both obvious ones and the not-so-obvious. Here’s a quick look at the arguments for and against using a case. According to what have mentioned above, Nike iphone case are your best choice.

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